The Mühlviertel between the Danube in the south and the Bohemian Forest in the north is a land with a strong character. Its hills open the view into an undreamt-of vastness. At the same time, it soars to heights beyond 1,000 meters. The rugged land shapes the people, their lives, their traditions. And it makes the hills and valleys a challenging sports region.

No question, the Mühlviertel region has it all and animates to powerful movement. *Cyclists and mountain bikers, horseback riders and hikers, cross-country skiers and skiers will all find sporting challenges and unexpected freedom. The vast landscape has like hardly any other region countless power places in the open air, where vacationers can come to rest and replenish their energy reserves. Whether at moss-covered granite boulders, along picturesque river courses or in the midst of dense forests - in the Mühlviertel, you will find resting places that invite you to pause and breathe deeply and take away the fast pace of everyday life. Where Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic border on each other, you are already one step further into the future in terms of deceleration.

The art of brewing beer is taken to the extreme by the people of Mühlviertel. Beer has been brewed in the Mühlviertel for more than 500 years, using the best raw materials directly from the region. It is not for nothing that the Mühlviertel is considered the largest hop-growing region in Austria and is known worldwide as a beer stronghold.
In the Mühlviertel herbs, in the golden linseed oil, in the tart beer lie those flavors that make up the granitic land. Ancient craftsmanship is alive and well here and is held in high esteem. Weaving is as much at home here as the technique of blue printing on textiles.


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