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A living space to come home, feel good,....

Puchenau is not only a congested community, as one might think from the frequent radio reports. Puchenau is infrastructurally ideal open living space in the immediate vicinity of the Upper Austrian capital Linz. Only four kilometers outside the city center, Puchenau offers the highest quality of life and is therefore ideal for coming home, feeling good, enjoying nature...!

Leisure time can be arranged in an unbelievably diverse way. Over 70 clubs form the heart of public life and, in addition to numerous opportunities for sporting activities (ASKÖ Puchenau, Sportunion Puchenau, Rowing Club Wiking, Union Tennis Club, Union Riding Club,...), offer an extensive cultural and entertainment program with their events.

Our municipality also has a colorful variety of natural spaces for exercise and relaxation: Treppelweg to Linz and Ottensheim, Danube beach, Aulandschaft, Kreuzweg to Pöstlingberg, Koglerauer Spitz and Donaublick, Sagbachtal and the colorful mosaic of meadows, fields and forests invite you to run, walk, hike and discover.

*Sports & Exercise Offers
If you are looking for opportunities for sporting activities, you don't have to look far in Puchenau. Thanks to numerous sports clubs, a suitable offer can be found for almost every need!

Every year from the end of September to June, ASKÖ, Union, VHS, Seniorenbund, Pensionistenverband and Familienbund offer a wide range of sports and exercise courses on the premises of the municipality of Puchenau.

All Puchenau residents are welcome to attend these events. Just visit the sports courses of your choice without obligation - if you like an offer, you will receive all the necessary information for registration on the spot.

Text: www.puchenau.at

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Gemeindeamt Puchenau
Kirchenstraße 1 , A-4048 Puchenau

+43732 22 10 550
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