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The National Park municipality of Roßleithen in the heart of the Garstnertal ranges from the Sengsengebirge (Hoher Nock) to the Warscheneckstock (Dead Mountains).

Roßleithen became known above all for the numerous scythe forges that used to be found along the Pießling. Today, scythe-themed trails and the Schröckenfux Roßleithen scythe factory are reminiscent of that time.

On the road on four hooves in Roßleithen
As one of the six most horse-friendly communities in Austria, there is a lot to explore for horse and rider in Roßleithen. Whether it's marked bridle paths or idyllic bridle paths, Western or English riding, therapeutic riding, lunging or pony riding - horse lovers of all ages feel at home at the riding stables and rider-friendly accommodations. A portion of adventure paired with a touch of nostalgia conveys a horse-drawn sleigh ride with beautifully decorated Haflingers, Shire horses or noble thoroughbreds that trot through the snow-covered winter landscape at a leisurely pace.

Enjoying nature Roßleithen
Both the Pießling Ursprung, one of the largest karst springs in the eastern Limestone Alps, from which thousands of liters of water emerge every second, and the Gleinkersee are true natural highlights for young and old. The blue-green shimmering mountain lake warms up to 24°C in summer and offers a welcome change from the summer heat. A number of hiking trails in Roßleithen, including the hospitable Dümlerhütte or the romantic Veichltal, are just as popular destinations. In winter, fans of Nordic winter sports can make extensive tracks in the snow in the Veichl valley and on the Sonnwendloipe.

Fun & games Roßleithen
With the puzzle game on the scythe themed trails, there is also an attractive offer for children when it comes to hiking. A visit to the Kernhof bee house is also fun. Here you get an insight into the "world of the bee". How and where do these hard-working insects live? What do you do with a bee sting? Behind the bee-proof curtain you will experience the opening of a beehive. Thousands of bees buzz in front of your nose, you smell the scent of fresh honey! Watch the queen laying eggs or hold the drone in your hands.

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Pyhrn-Priel Tourismus GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 2, A-4580 Windischgarsten

+43 7562 5266

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