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The Innviertel is known for its beauty in nature and culture. Alongside the sporting movement in nature and the rich wellness offer priority.
Geographically, the traditional Innviertel is located in the northwest corner of Austria and comprises the districts of Braunau am Inn, Ried and Schaerding. The hilly landscape of the Alpine Foreland lies between the Salzach, the Inn, the Danube and the Hausruck.

Cities and Culture
Discover the tradition and let the magic of the modern age come through: Feel the Baroque in Schärding, enjoy the Schwanthaler town of Ried in the heart of the Innviertel and the modern culture in Braunau, the border city with its historic center.

Natur and sports
Cycle along the Inn, on the Danube and in the footsteps of the Romans. Or walk through the Kobernaußerwald - the Innviertel calls mind and body. The Innviertel offers diversity of sports and feel the running tradition.

Wellness and Health
You want to travel the world of wellness - and that on a weekend? Well, then you come in Innviertel such as in the spa in Geinberg. Many other hotels are available for your health and your wellness vacation days.

Gourmet Region Austria - The Innviertler Surspeck & Beer Region Innviertel
The Innviertel, the region between the Salzach, Inn and Danube Kobernaußerwald is known for scenic beauty and hearty cuisine. Down to earth and real, so are the traditional dishes made from local raw materials. Don´t miss the Innviertler Surspeck, also called "Bucket bacon", for your snack.

Beer Region Innviertel: In the home of the Brewers
The Innviertel stands for beautiful scenery and grounded people. It is less known, but the region is also the area with the highest density of breweries in Austria. The "beer region Innviertel" is a tip for social group excursions. What could be better than spend a few days with friends, have fun, to discover new things and recharge the batteries? A very special experience is a trip to the beer region Innviertel. Nine small, exquisite private breweries and farmers build the "beer region Innviertel" and provide single and multi-day excursions with many juicy surprises. To taste the regional diversity of beer you can recently buy a practical taste-box with seven 0,3l bottles of beer. More info HERE

Experience the Innviertel
Whether you observe the falconry Obernberg watching a vulture, eagles, falcons, owls, buzzards and Milan close, or enjoy the bobsleigh track at Luisenhöhe or would tread the "way of senses." The whole family relax up the mountain with guest house near the mountain station to enjoy wonderful views of the remote Hausruckviertel. Adults and children can experience the museum and make themselves apicture of what the Romans did for us nearly 2,000 years ago. Of course there are many illustrative pieces.

Between the baroque city Schärding and Passau, you can go on an Inn shipping.

Engelhartszell expects viewers with a trout Circus,where tame trout show under the guidance of the tamer unique art pieces. They play soccer, jump through hoops, are even skiing and offer more acrobatic acts. Children also love the Indians play area in Natternbach. Flying high on the treetop walk in Kopfing - visitors can see over the Sauwald to experience its animal and plant inhabitants and the various tree species with all five senses. Over a length of 1000 m, the treetop swings up to a height of over 20 meters and connects casually to know about forest. Even the playground is enthusiastic.

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