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566 - 2.350m

Tradition und customs around Lake Brienz

Tradition and customs are consciously cultivated around Lake Brienz. Surrounded by a unique lake and mountain landscape, crafts from yesteryear are still practiced today. The Ballenberg Open-Air Museum gives you a glimpse of bygone days, making them come alive.

The rolling hills of the Swiss Mittelland become more rugged, the valleys deeper, the villages smaller. Nestling in the unique cultural and natural landscape of the Bernese Oberland is the Interlaken holiday region. Turquoise Lake Brienz is set in this impressive mountain world like a precious gemstone. Tradition and customs are consciously cultivated and centuries-old crafts still practiced in the charming villages with their decoratively carved wooden chalets. The woodcarving village of Brienz is particularly noted for its wealth of craftsmanship. The profession of woodcarver is still widespread in the village. Museums display the creations of old masters, the woodcarving school, the only one of its kind in Switzerland, still instructs future generations in the art of woodcarving. And you can still encounter the boat builder and fisherman on the lakeshore. Take care that your sleeve stays in one piece when you visit the Brienz Wild Animal Park – the ibex, deer and chamois are so eager to nibble at the proffered treats that they can get a little cheeky.

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Brienz - Axalp
Brienz - Axalp
Brienz - Axalp
Brienz - Axalp

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