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1.500 - 2.500m

Built of the sit of ancient pastures, the village of Anzère faces due south. Perched on a plateau, in the heart of the swiss Alps, the village enjoys a mediterranean microclimate. In the region, one can find primitive rural structures and altitude pasture dwellings, made of wood and stone. The pedestians only Village Square is the centre of village life. During the winter, once a week, hot wine prepared in a large kettle, a welcome drink for all visitors. It is a good opportunity to socialise and get to know others.
Constructed in 1965, the development of ANZERE was based on well-studied planning and designed layout. The heart of the resort is called ANZERE VILLAGE is a pedestrian zone, a rather nouvel concept dating back to the 60s.

Large wooden chalets surrounding a pedestrian square. A choice of shops, boutiques in a continuous gallery, with restaurants, café terraces, and playground for children with public benches. Visitors will appreciate this car free open space, safe for children and favoured by parents.

ANZERE is a medium size resort, cosy and friendly. The style of constructions blends well with the mountain environment.

Situated on a high plateau facing south, ANZERE overlooking down the Rhone Valley, with a sweeping panoramic view of the Valaisan Alps where 12 peaks over 4'000m. high, extending from Bitschhorn to Mont-Blanc.

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Place du Village 8, CH-1972 Anzère

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