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Snowpark Pleasure Diedamspark - Funpark Pleasure Diedamspark - Park Diedamskopf - Snowboarden

Pleasure Diedamspark

Pleasure Diedamspark


Pleasure Diedamspark: The Hotspot in Bregenzer Wald

NEW Funslope- Freestyle fun for the whole family
NEW Skimovie-Slope at the Breitenalpe

Winter has already given us a sneak-peek this year and also the Pleasure Diedamspark has seen quite a few changes! Diedamskopf’s first-class slopes, crowned with natural snow, are already in a class of their own. For everyone looking for some nice freestyle action, the Pleasure Diedamspark will be waiting with a few exceptional highlights.

To anyone experiencing the park for the first time or if you want to try out your first kickers, we can warmly recommend the beginner area. If you’re an experienced rider, this line is perfect for a warm-up before you tackle the rest of the setup. That way, the Pleasure Diedamspark is also popular amongst freestylers, who have a lot more to answer for. An extensive medium area and the brand new medium plus line will have even the more experienced riders literally jump for joy. No matter if you prefer one or two boards – this playground on the quadripoint between Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland has something in store for everyone.

The bare figures sum up this extraordinary experience even more, though: a total of 38 elements at 1,900 meters above sea level, spread over a total of five areas. One thing’s for sure: the highly motivated shape crew will once again give their very best to create a park that meets the highest demands, providing the freestyle community with a healthy dose of action. After hours of hard work, the long run that is typical of the Pleasure Diedamspark will again be created this year: a 10 meter down/flat/down rail and countless boxes, tubes and butter boxes as well as a total of 13 kickers with a length of up to 8 meters will have the park audience crying out for more.

That’s why the Pleasure Diedamspark will again provide the scene of a public photoshoot. The park with its more than impressive panorama is the ideal backdrop for monumental pics. On March 25, 2017, all riders will get the opportunity to strut their stuff and have their gnarliest tricks caught on camera by a professional photographer at a public shooting – the perfect opportunity to freeze-frame your personal best moments you shouldn’t miss.

Up-dates at the Pleasure Diedamspark FB Page!

Skiområde Diedamskopf

Schnee- und Parkstatus


Pleasure Diedamspark

1900 m
430 m

In the heart of the Bregenzerwald, the Pleasure Diedamspark has established itself as THE hotspot for all freestyle enthusiasts, and will once again live up to its name with enhanced setup and loads of sick action this season. Over a length of altogether 430m, the Diedamspark awaits you with a unique combination of rails, boxes, jibs, tubes and lots of massive kickers with take-offs between 3 and 16 meters. From beginner to pro, the park has it all!

Beginner Area Butter Box Elephant 6m (Box)
Beginner Area Butter Box Flat 6m (Box)
Beginner Area Jump Kicker 2m (Kicker)
Beginner Area Jump Kicker 3m (Kicker)
Beginner Area Jump Kicker 4m (Kicker)
Medium Area Jump Kicker 10m (Kicker)
Medium Area Jump Kicker 6m (Kicker)
Medium Area Jump Kicker 7m (Kicker)
Medium Area Jump Kicker 8m (Kicker)
Medium Area Tube Industry 6m (Pipeslide)
Medium Area PVC Tube to Spine 11m (Pipeslide)
Medium Area Rail Flat 4m (Rail)
Medium Area Tube S-Curved 10m (Pipeslide)
Oberer Park Schnee-Elemente Kicker 4m (Kicker)
Oberer Park Schnee-Elemente Kicker 2m (Kicker)
Oberer Park Schnee-Elemente Kicker 3m (Kicker)
Medium Area Box Down 6m (Box)
Medium Area Box A-Frame 10m (Box)
Medium Area Multi Obstacle: Corner- Wallride - Stepup Kicker - Flat Down Rail Donkey Out (Specials)
Medium Area Tube Riffelrohr 5m (Pipeslide)
Oberer Park Butter Box Rainbow 6m (Box)
Oberer Park Butter Box Step 6m (Box)
Oberer Park Butter Box XXL Dancefloor 3m (Box)
Oberer Park Corner Jump 8m (Kicker)
Beginner Area Kicker Jump 5m (Kicker)
Medium Area Box Curved 8m (Box)
Medium Area Rail Down 8m (Rail)
Medium Area Jump Kicker 9m (Kicker)
Medium Area Rail Butter 12m (Rail)
Medium Area Jib Pole Jam 2m (Specials)
Medium Area Jump Kicker 11m (Kicker)
Medium Area Reifen Bonk (Specials)
Medium Area Special 2 Kicker 5m - Channel Gap - Lollipop Bonk (Specials)
Medium Area Tube Flat/Down 10m (Pipeslide)
Medium Pro Area Kicker Jump 13m (Kicker)

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