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Skiområder Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Skiområde Avoriaz 1800 / Portes du Soleil

1.182 - 2.466m
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Avoriaz 1800 / Portes du Soleil

1.182 - 2.466m

Pisteplan Skiområde Avoriaz 1800 / Portes du Soleil
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Fornyelser Avoriaz 1800 / Portes du Soleil

Burton Snowboard and the resort developed the little brother of the mythic STASH, the LIL' STASH, dedicated to children from 4 to 14 years old, with modules and scenography adapted to their age.
It is located in the area of Proclou and unfolds on a landscape made of natural valleys, which continues up in the forest.

As part of its partnership with Easybike and its brand of electric mountain bike MATRA, Avoriaz is offering eFatBike this winter! The eFatbike is an electrically assisted bike with oversized wheels for good grip on the snow. A practice offering the joys of electric cycling on the snow trails.

Avoriaz is opening this winter two slopes 100% dedicated to the practice of ski touring. You can reach the submit of “Lac Intrets” chairlift by Arare Crest. It starts at the “Jean Vuarnet” square or the bottom of the Prodains cable-car and pass by a trail reserved only for the practice of ski touring and splitboard.

Gaming: Avoriaz created a gaming dimension in the village. You'll be able to play Archery tag or natural Laser Game during your holidays!

Here’s our latest arrival! La Folie Douce in Avoriaz at 1800m, is a new place where all generations can have a great time. The Folie Douce concept is geared to all clients, families, the young and not-so-young. The new chalet is in keeping with what Avoriaz is and has always been: unique and timeless.

Skiområde Avoriaz 1800 / Portes du Soleil

"Avoriaz is a purpose built resort set in a dramatic scenery above the more traditionnal village of Morzine. It forms part of the Portes du Soleil ski area in the northern French Alps. The resort is traffic free, so snowcats or horse drawn sleighs transport your luggage to your accommodation. Avoriaz is a true international resort which has much to offer.

Avoriaz is ideally located in the middle of the Portes du Soleil ski aera, with access to hight-altitude skiing for everyone among the prettiest panoramas in the Alps. You will ski in a stunning countryside, with open panoramic views of Les Dents du Midi and les Dents Blanches. Like to take it easy or push yourself to the limits, you will find a wide choice of routes and varied landscapes, you will ski down into broad, open valleys on pistes running through the trees. A family skiing that appeals to skiers of all ages! The altitude guaranteed snow cover from December to April, with an average of 8 metres of snow every winter.

Comprising twelve resorts between France and Switzerland, les Portes du Soleil is one of the largest ski area in the world with 650 km of happiness. With a vast and varied choice of ski runs, the Portes du Soleil aera offers infinite possibilities, allowing you to cross the border for a real ski trip in an incomparable setting. Because of the quality of the mountain restaurants, your ski trip also become a gourmet walk around Swiss and Savoyard food, area renowned for its local gastronomy. Whatever your level, whatever your desires, les Portes du Soleil guarantees you total pleasure and absolute freedom skiing without frontiers.Located at the heart of the aera, with the highest altitude, Avoriaz is giving you the chance to set off in a new direction to the prettiest panoramas!"

Kontakt Skiområde Avoriaz 1800 / Portes du Soleil

Association Internationale des Portes du Soleil
Rte de Vonnes 1401, FR-74390 Châtel

+33 450 733254
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Åbningstider Sommer

03.07.2021 - 29.08.2021
Antal Lifte
Vurdering 4,4
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