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Udine - The Heart of Friuli

With its bookshops and osterias, its mysterious name and its many faces, Udine is, so to speak, a country town, popular and refined, convivial and cultivated at the same time. Capital of the medieval Patria del Friuli, its earliest history merges with the legend according to which Attila built the castle hill that still dominates the old town.

A cultural tour can begin in the castle museums and then continue in the town centre, where Tiepolo's masterpieces await you, and in Casa Cavazzini, elegant home of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

From the spectacular Piazza Libertà, which bears witness to Friuli's long relationship with the Republic of Venice, you can walk through medieval alleys and along the picturesque "rogge" (canals) to Piazza Matteotti, a kind of arcaded salotto of the city, where Udine's inhabitants like to linger for an espresso or the indispensable evening aperitif.

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Kontakt Udine

Udine Turismo
via della Vecchia Filatura 10/1, I-33035 Torreano di Martignacco

+39 0432 1697000
+39 0432 574010

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