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Snowpark Kitzbühel

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Snowpark Kitzbühel
Kitzbühel - Kirchberg

Snowpark Kitzbühel – The action guarantor in the heart of Austria

KitzSki combines action, enjoyment and fun on a whopping 233 kilometres of pistes. Not for no reason, KitzSki is one of the best-known skiing areas in the world and offers everything from deep-rooted alpine skiers to passionate freestylers. The icing on the cake is the popular Snowpark Kitzbühel – the freestyle playground for every level.

Setup love
The park will not be stingy with its attractions in the season 2021/22. Playful lines, various multi-jibs and fat kickers awaken the hunting instinct after sessions of freestylers. Regular re-shapes and fantasies of the shape crew arrange a surprise or two. The terrain itself is divided into 5 areas – no room for boredom! The opening depends a little bit on Momma Nature this winter, like every year, but a first setup should be ready before Christmas.

Community & Corona
Every good snowpark can count on the support of a strong community. Freestylers from all over the world gather in the Tyrolean freestyle stronghold and ensure lots of cool tricks & good vibes. That's why safety measures enter into force again this season, so that you can send carefree in the Snowpark Kitzbühel. Corona shouldn't have any chance, because the hunting fever after loads of sessions is undoubtedly better than the Corona fever.

How to stay up to date
You always want to stay up to date and know which measures are currently in effect at the Snowpark Kitzbühel? Find all the current Corona safety measures on the snowpark website. For any information about the park and the community, follow on Facebook and Instagram. Don't forget to take some nice shots during your visit and tag the Snowpark Kitzbühel. With a bit of luck, you'll end up in the story or newsfeed. Just link @snowparkkitzbuehel or #snowparkkitzbühel on your parkshot.

Skiområde Kitzbühel - Kirchberg

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Snowpark Kitzbühel

1930 m
900 m

Eingebettet zwischen Kitzbüheler Horn und Hahnenkamm konnte der Snowpark Kitzbühel bereits in seiner Premierensaison im Winter 2008/09 restlos überzeugen, und darf sich seither über äußerst regen Andrang freuen. Das einzigartige und fortlaufend variierende Set-Up des Parks – von klassischen Kickerlines über professionelle Jibs bis hin zu anspruchsvollen Rails – beeindruckt die Shred-Gemeinde aus nah und fern. Diese außergewöhnliche Kombination macht Kitzbühel zu einer Freestyle Hochburg im Herzen Österreichs.

4m Rainbow Box Kids Area (Box)
7m Down Industry Rail Jib Park (Rail)
4m Up/Down Box Kids Area (Box)
6m Elephant Butter Box Main Park (Box)
4m Flat Box Kids Area (Box)
6m Flat/Down Butter Box Main Park (Box)
4m Kicker Main Park (Kicker)
6m Kicker Jib Park (Kicker)
8m Kicker Jump Main Park (Kicker)
8m Flat/Down Rail Jib Park (Rail)
7m Elephant Box Main Park (Box)
9m Elbow Tank Jib Park (Specials)
6m Jib Tank Jib Park (Specials)
3m Kicker Main Park (Kicker)
5m Kicker Jib Park (Kicker)
6m Rainbow Butter Box Kids Area (Box)
4m Kicker Main Park (Kicker)
5m Wallride Jib Park (Specials)
8m Kicker Main Park (Kicker)
6m Flat/Down Box Main Park (Box)
12m Flat Rail Main Park (Rail)
4m Flat Butter Box Kids Area (Box)
5 m Dance Floor Box (Box)
5 m Down Tube Jib Park (Pipeslide)
5m Flat Tube Jib Park (Pipeslide)
6m Kicker Main Park (Kicker)
7m Kicker Main Park (Kicker)
9m Elbow Rail Main Park (Rail)
5m Gap Rail Main Park (Rail)
15m Corner Jump Mid Section (Kicker)

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Park Size
Park Designer
Franz Lechner
Vurdering 5,0
32 Vurderinger
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