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Climatic health resort Tambach-Dietharz

Tambach-Dietharz - that means pure relaxation and experience in the midst of unique landscapes and untouched nature. Directly near the Rennsteign, in the middle of one of the largest contiguous forest areas in Germany with an altitude of 450 to 886 m, the climatic health resort is one of the most beautiful in the Thuringian Forest.

A well-developed network of hiking trails leads nature lovers to unique destinations such as Falkenstein, Spitterfall, Bergsee Ebertswiese, Steinernes Tor or Röllchen.
Families are also in good hands in the climatic health resort. Lohmühlen Museum, dinosaur adventure trail, game enclosure, husky and llama adventure tours, playgrounds or educational trails invite you to discover nature with all your senses.

Known historical monuments such as the oldest drinking water dam in Thuringia, the technical museum sawmill or the local history museum as well as numerous events during the course of the year also offer variety to culturally interested guests.


  • Probably the oldest pass over the Thuringian Forest
  • the economic development was shaped by trade routes,

the place lived for a long time from the carter trade and from it
dependent trades such as wheelwrights and blacksmiths

  • Foundation of the Waldenfels Castle to protect trade routes,
  • 1260 birth of the Thuringian theologian and philosopher of the

Late Middle Ages, Meister Eckhart on Waldenfels

  • 1537 Luther is in Tambach
  • 1919 Karl Barth gives "Tambacher Rede"
  • 1919 Association from the villages mentioned for the first time in the

13th century Tambach and Dietharz, from 1925 the place receives city

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Kontakt Tambach-Dietharz

Tourist-Information Tambach-Dietharz
Burgstallstr. 31 a, D-99897 Tambach-Dietharz

+49 36252 34428

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