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BERGFEX: Skiområde Nesselwängle im Tannheimertal - Skiferie Nesselwängle im Tannheimertal - Wintersportgebiet Nesselwängle im Tannheimertal

Skiområde Nesselwängle im Tannheimertal

Nesselwängle im Tannheimertal

1.150 - 1.620m

Pisteplan Skiområde Nesselwängle im Tannheimertal

Fornyelser Nesselwängle im Tannheimertal

  • Winterwanderweg von der Bergstation zur Nesselwängler Edenalpe
  • SunKid Förderband
  • 3 Rodelmöglichkeiten: 3,6 km Naturrodelbahn Krinnenalpe, Rodelbahn - alte Bergstation oder Krinner Hütte (je ca. 300 m) direkt an der Bergstation der Doppelsesselbahn Krinnenalpe, 600 m Rodelbahn am Tennenberg-Osthang

Skiområde Nesselwängle im Tannheimertal

Drive to Nesselwängle – it’s toll-free!
Visit this pretty ski resort and avoid both mass tourism and long queues at the lifts. The resort also offers a natural half-pipe (snow conditions depending) and floodlit night skiing by the Tennenberg lift every Wednesday and Friday from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Nesselwängle also boasts the region’s longest toboggan run (3.6 km).
The double chairlift, the three drag lifts, a practice lift and the new natural toboggan run makes Nesselwängle the ideal ski resort for beginners, pros and toboggan fans. Visit this pretty ski resort and avoid both mass tourism and long queues at the lifts.
The Krinnenalpe double chairlift for slope foxes, the Almboden lift for powder and snowboarding fans, the Tennenberg lift for beginners, the Neuschwand lift for sun-worshippers and the practice lift for those taking their first skiing steps await the season’s winter sports enthusiasts…
Skiers, snowboarders and hikers are all welcome on the Krinnenalpe, where they can refuel their batteries with good food and drink before taking a relaxing break in a lounger on the sun terrace. The Krinnenalpe lies directly on the ski slopes by the Almboden lift.
Located right beside the Krinnenalpe valley station, the cosy Schuster restaurant is an ideal vantage point for parents watching their offspring practising on the baby lift.

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Kontakt Skiområde Nesselwängle im Tannheimertal

Skiområde Nesselwängle im Tannheimertal

Liftgesellschaft Nesselwängle Ges.m.b.H.& Co.KG
Talstation Doppelsesselbahn Hnr. 92, A-6672 Nesselwängle

+43 (0)5675 8250 od. +43 (0)676 3338250
+43 (0)5675 8250
+43 (0)5675 82504
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