BERGFEX: Skiområde La Molina / Alp 2500 - Skiferie La Molina / Alp 2500

Skiområder Catalonien

Skiområde La Molina / Alp 2500

1.700 - 2.406m
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La Molina / Alp 2500

1.700 - 2.406m

Pisteplan Skiområde La Molina / Alp 2500

Lifte La Molina / Alp 2500


Åbningstider Vinter

- 13.03.2020
09:00 - 17:00

Pister La Molina / Alp 2500

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31,9 km (29)
20,4 km (18)
8,8 km (7)
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61 km

Skiområde La Molina / Alp 2500

La Molina, the oldest ski resort in Spain, installed its first commercial ski lift in 1943. Throughout its history, it has offered sport and leisure for all ages.

Most of its area is located in the Cerdanya region, has 61 skiable kilometers distributed over 54 slopes for all levels, a large snowpark and the biggest superpipe in the Pyrenees. In addition, among the leisure offers for non skiers, it proposes a wide range of activities such as snow-grooming, snowshoeing, segway on snow or mushing tours.

It also has a long experience in hosting international events such as the Alpine Skiing World Cup (2008), the Snowboard World Championship (2011) or the Disabled Alpine Skiing World Championships (2013). Therefore, a long history and a bright future ahead.

Not only in La Molina, but also in the Cerdanya, Berguedà and Ripollès regions, you can find a wide range of gastronomic and hotel offers for a perfect stay.

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