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Skiområde De Uithof / Den Haag

10 - 30m
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De Uithof / Den Haag

10 - 30m

Pisteplan Skiområde De Uithof / Den Haag

Lifte De Uithof / Den Haag


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09:00 - 22:00

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Fornyelser De Uithof / Den Haag

Schließung von De Uithof im Zusammenhang mit Coronavirus am 15. März um 18.00 Uhr

Unter Berücksichtigung der Richtlinien des RIVM, der Sicherheit unserer Besucher und unserer Mitarbeiter haben wir beschlossen, De Uithof zu schließen, um die Ausbreitung des Coronavirus (COVID-19) zu verhindern.

Skiområde De Uithof / Den Haag

Near the beach of Kijkduin there is an indoor ski slope of 225 meters, 365 days a year. The ski slope in De Uithof has four lifts: two lifts that go to the top of the ski slope and two lifts for kids and beginners.

The temperature on the ski slope is about -7 degrees Celsius, for high quality snow. Just as in the Alps the indoor ski slope in De Uithof is regularly prepared.

No experience in skiing or snowboarding? See our lessons program on the website or contact our skischool for more information.

Some practical points about indoor skiing:

  • There are lockers available. Costs € 1.00. Due to pay.
  • The rental of poles is free. These can be found at the entrance of the ski slope.
  • Gloves are mandatory.
  • Wearing warm clothing is recommended. It is -7 degrees Celsius on the ski slope.


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