Alpine Flower Garden Schmirn

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In the Schmirntal valley, right next to the Olpererblick inn in Toldern, there is an alpine flower and herb garden with a barrier-free circular path. The garden was revitalised in 2020 and upgraded with information on individual parts of the garden.

The Alpine Flower Garden belongs to the Olpererblick Inn and is located right next door. It was revitalised in spring 2020 by some volunteers from the Schmirntal and divided into new areas. There is now a "Schnapsgartl", a "Bauerngartl", a "Weihegartl", an "Alpenkräuter Gartl", a "Beerengartl" and a "Steingartl". Information on the plants in each area and the cultural background can be found next to the individual areas. The areas have been entrusted to several voluntary godparents from Schmirn, who will care for them in the future. Past the Alpine Flower Garden, a barrier-free circular path also leads through Toldern with several information boards on the "North Tyrolean Grey Cattle-Almochs" gourmet region and the mountaineering village.

This garden is a great community project that now also has a second meaningful use through herbal courses via the Schule der Alm.

The garden is accessible at all times.


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