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Fritidstips Waidring

Triassic Parc


On the Waidringer Steinplatte, there's been plenty of research, digging and marvelling going on lately. Since the opening of the new TRIASSIC PARK on 3 August 2008, visitors agree: The Stone Age was yesterday, now its Steinplatte time! The newly developed Explorer's Park impresses explorers old and young with plenty of things to learn about a time long forgotten.

Once upon a time...

In the year 250 million before Christ: The Tethys primordial ocean donates our geography and giant dinosaurs rule here, where alpine cows graze today. Skiing or hiking were still a long time off. As Europe's largest dry reefs, the Steinplatte is one of the last witnesses to this era. And with the newly erected TRIASSIC Park, it now also grants us a glimpse into this age.

Triassic Center:
Let the U-gondolas take you up to the summit of the Steinplatte in proper style. Having arrived there, you'll first of all be briefed on the A-Z of the history of earth. In the TRIASSIC CENTER, you'll get an understanding of prehistoric times by means of moving images, models to touch or researcher games to practice on. No matter if it's raining outside or the sun is shining.

Triassic Trail / Beach:
After all that theory, now for some practice: The hike along the TRIASSIC TRAIL offers prehistoric times to touch. After all, the corals of the primordial ocean still lie dormant in the interior of the Steinplatte, just waiting to be unearthed by you. After all that action, you deserve some refreshment: a trip to the TRIASSIC BEACH is just what the doctor ordered. While you frolic around on the highest sandy beach in the Alps, Mum and Dad can enjoy the wonderful views from the Steinplatte.

Opening hours:
daily from 31st May to 07th October 2018 from 9 am to 4:45 pm


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