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Mountaineers Chapel

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There is a certain place inside the chapel where everything seems so clear and only a stone‘s throw away: Jesus on the Cross, the bridge over the ravine in the background, the rushing waters of Rofenache, a glacier brook. Right next to it you find this fantastic trail leading to Rofenhöfe Farms, in summer it turns into BARTEB‘NE open-air gallery. With mighty, 3406 meter tall Talleitspitze peak as lovely backdrop. Really unique!

The small white mountaineers chapel really goes under your skin. Despite its plainness it holds many secrets originating only from this awesome mountain area. You are ready to get to know everything, you can‘t wait to listen to the chapel‘s lively 50-year old history deeply rooted in tradition. One thing is for sure, this a highly spiritual place made to measure for a mountaineers chapel in Vent. The old larch wood floor and the purpose of this small white chapel provoke a shivering feeling.
As locals always were laid out in their own houses and living rooms it was necessary to construct a chapel of rest for foreign mountaineers who lost their lives in Alpine accidents. They came here alone, tried to conquer the valley‘s highest mountains and never returned to their families. Their soul remained forever in this high Alpine area. At first sight the mountaineers chapel seems

An unremarkable yet meaningful building that looks back on fifty exciting years of history. Already in 1936/1937 a small fire station building was erected here. In January 1951, a huge avalanche destroyed many houses in Vent: according to a Tiroler Bauernzeitung newspaper report „the small fire station of Vent and all the equipment inside was completely devastated, only the fire engine hose could be saved“.
In the same year a new and bigger fire station was built. The structure had mainly two functions: it was an equipment room for the local fire brigade and a funeral chapel at the same time. Several years later, a new funeral hall and multi- purpose center next to the parish church in Vent also hosted the fire station. Unfortunately, the „old funeral chapel“ decayed.
Only in the 2012 summer, the chapel was renovated and renamed as „Vent Mountaineers Chapel“. A glorious opening ceremony followed on the occasion of the ARTeVENT Festival, hosting special photo and art exhibitions. Thanks to its central and idyllic location in the village center, the chapel invites to take a rest on the benches and to enjoy the idyllic atmosphere. Almost nothing reminds of the exciting past but nature, history, art and belief still play a highly important role. You will feel it deep inside.


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