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ROCKnSNOW Alpine Guiding Wintersport

ROCKnSNOW Alpine Guiding...


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Freeriding - The Royal class of Skiing and Snowboarding!

Surf with ROCKnSNOW your perfect line!
The Ziller Valley consists of more than 300 kms of downhill runs and more than 65 Freeride runs in one of the largest powder snow eldorados of the Alps. Most of the runs are between 1000 to 2000 m altitude difference.
From easy to difficult there are countless freeride mountain areas. There is for every Freerider the ideal run.
Most of the runs can be reached comfortably with a lift. For a few of the mega runs a short hike is required.
Depending on conditions and skiing/boarding ability we can ride between a total of 5000 to 10000 m altitude diffrence per day.
The starting point is at 8.45 by the designated lift and powder finish is at sunset.
Your mountain guide is well imformed about the snow conditions and avalanche situations. You can be safely assured that we will surf the top powder slopes.


Groupe rate: from 3 persons € 100,- / person / day,

Privat rate: 1 person € 280,- / day -- 2 persons € 145,- / person / day

from 3 days: € 95,- / person / day (groupe with min. 3 persons)

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