Sarnthein Wasserfall

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A short circular hike above the village of Trins takes you to the idyllically situated Sarthein waterfall.

From car park 4 Waldfest or the bus stop Waldfestplatz Trins, start off on a road heading north, passing the wooded hill on the right. At the crossroads, continue left along the road (no. 51) in the direction of the valley. The road ends and then the marked Jubilee Trail leads through the forest to the hidden Sarnthein waterfall. Sit on a stream, enjoy the silence and the sound of the waterfall. This is pure relaxation!

Return along hiking trail no. 54 out of the valley past the Barbara Chapel on the hill and continue down into the village. Then hike below the Hotel Zita into the valley through the settlement back to the starting point.

Beautiful evening walk.


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