Kloster der Dominikanerinnen

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Kloster der Dominikanerinnen- Eine von schönsten Gebäuden in Radlje.

The Dominican Monastery was established in 1251. It was established by Siegfried of Mahrenberg and his mother Gisela. The monastery flourished between the 13th and 15th century. In the 16th century it was damaged by the Turks and later twice by the fire. Due to the poor state of the building, the nuns rebuilt it into an almost completely new monastery between 1649 and 1666. In 1782, the monastery was dissolved following the Josephine reforms. At the end of the 18th century, they began to tear it down – first, the Church of the Assumption of Mary (church with a long chancel), and later the eastern and transverse wings as a part of the administrative building.

According to the scheme from 1784, the monastery was a two-storey building enclosing two inner courtyards. The church was leaning at the monastery building. The northern part of the monastery facility had its administrative building, while in the western part of it was a monastery garden. The entire facility was surrounded with walls. Today, the southern wing with a part of the south-west and the north-west part of the monastery and the greater part of the administrative and agricultural building are preserved.

The today’s image of the building basically presents the architectural details of the early Baroque of the 17th century. Although the exceptional architectural elements were preserved only in some elements, the entire facility represents one of the most beautiful designs in Slovenia due to its interweaving with the man-made environment.

In addition, the monastery had an important role for the former Mahrenberg and its surrounding area. There evolved pharmacy (first pharmacy in Europe, since 1666), musical, charitable, medical, educational and pastoral activity.

The Column of Virgin Mary, which was originally located in front of the monastery, was after the dissolution of the monastery transferred to the front of the former court building and in 1978 in front of the St. Michael’s Church in Radlje ob Dravi; the portal leading to the monastery was built into the southern façade of the Mahrenberg Manor House before the World War II or after it.



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