Die Höhle des Königs Matjaž

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Peca Mountain belongs to the east Karawanks (2126m) and is the greathest limestone mountain in Meža Valley. Visit the King Matjaž in a cavern, where he is resting and waiting for arise and save the people...

The Peca (2.126 m) is the most extensive mountain of the eastern Karavanke and has the characteristic shape of a tableland with rocky peaks protruding from it. The Peca is a symbol of the region, together with the landscape pearl - the Topla valley, due to the fact that the country border runs across it and because according to legend, Kralj Matjaž (King Matjaž) is sleeping under it. There are more mountain Huts- one on the slovenian side (Dom na Peci, 1665m) and the others on the austrian side- on a ski-area Petzen.



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