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Fun Rafting


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Dear guests, dear sports friends!

We have led many thousand guests since 1986 certainly by wild waters and deep gulches. The combination of sport, fun, group experience and untouched nature put out the charm of our programmes.

The founder Helmut Friedle opened the Lechtaler white-water school. Kayak courses were his profession at the beginning. After buying Rafting-boats it was also possible for groups to have an experience in this torrent.
Then in the beginning of the 90s we have taken up the canyoning in our programme. This offer enlargement was accepted by the guests thankfully.
Always troubles us to develop, recently we offer to water and to country excursions with trained physical leaders.
Since 1997 Clemens Friedle leads the enterprise "White Watersport Lechtal - Fun Rafting".

Many of our leaders are present from the foundation year with enthusiasm. Sense of responsibility by the tour planning and by the winding up, as well as an equipment which corresponds to all security requirements are for us obligat.
Furthermore we fulfil of course all legal regulations, how concessions and licences for the realisation of the offered sports. Our boats are checked regularly by the authority on her technical state. Therefore we can guarantee to our guests that you are in good hands. The fact that we have, in the meantime, a lot of habitues is to us a proof that our honest and engaged work is accepted thankfully.
Our Outdoor base is in Häselgehr in the area Tyrolean Lechtal. This regional fascinating region in Tyrol is still traded as a confidential tip among physical lovers and leisure sportsmen. Therefore, the whole region was not just explained to the nature reserve in whose heart our base is.

We hope that also you will soon count to our habitues!

Clemens Friedle & team

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