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bergfex: Skischule Lech - Lech - Zürs am Arlberg - Børneskiskole - Skiskole - Snowboardskole

Skischule Lech

Lech am Arlberg

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Welcome to Lech Ski School

The Arlberg region and the Lech Ski School – an exceptional combination!

This is where the fascination of a particularly beautiful skiing area meets a ski school which always aims at exceeding even your highest demands. Over 250 top-trained snow sports instructors personally attend to your learning progress both on and off piste. From skiing to snowboarding, as well as experiences such as off-piste skiing tours and heli-skiing, we offer you a comprehensive range of possibilities.

Whichever services you choose, enjoy the variety we offer

Because we trust in our experienced snow sports instructors, who will instruct and guide our groups to share our passion. Next to skiing and snowboarding, we also offer cross country and Telemark courses. Your children will be taken care of in our special Kids programme and we will ensure that your family will enjoy your stay in Lech and that our staff will create an everlasting memory.

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