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BERGFEX: Welterbespirale and World Natural Heritage viewing platform - Krippenstein / Obertraun | Sehenswürdigkeit - Ausflugsziel - Sightseeing

Welterbespirale and World Natural Heritage viewing platform

360 degree panoramic view:
Fantastic views from the Dachstein glacier to the 'Inneres Salzkammergt'
Fantastischer Rundblick vom Dachstein-Gletscher bis ins Innere Salzkammergut

Relaxing at the top of the Dachstein!

The Welterbespirale offers not only a fabulous view, but also provides information about various world heritage sites, and its architectural and landscape features.

The steel structure in the form of a screw is equipped with comfortable loungers and picnic areas and thus invites for enjoyable relax at 2,100 meters above sea level.

In the center of the Welterbespirale arrived, the visitors have the opportunity to deepen by means of a special telescope, their knowledge of the region. A look at a summit takes for the visitors to know the name of the targeted mountain and its height.

World Natural Heritage viewing platform
Mountains as far as the eye can see!

It is a unique panorama that opens up the World Natural Heritage viewing platform overlooking the Dachstein. The whole plateau with the Hoher Dachstein at the center presents itself from its best side.

The road to this fantastic view is as beautiful as it is comfortable. The Dachstein Krippenstein cable car brings one relaxes to almost 2000 meters above sea level, and from there it is only a short hop to the first of three viewing platforms.

The road to the World Natural Heritage viewing platform is accessible created, so that people with disabilities or with pushchairs can reach it. Once there, you can admire your views over the mountains of the Inner Salzkammergut, Hallstatt glacier, the Hoher Dachstein and the surrounding peaks. And who has brought Gusto on a hike or mountain tour, here are the Dachstein open various options - from easy hikes to high alpine tour!

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