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Kletter-Welt Wagrain-Kleinarl

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The Wagrain-Kleinarl holiday region offers a wide variety of action-packed activities for all climbers. Climbing in Wagrain is a unique natural experience at lofty heights. Thanks to the climbing gym at the Wagrain secondary school, climbing enthusiasts won’t have to miss out on anything even in winter.

Rope course Kleinarl:
Breathtaking panorama at Peilsteinpalfen!
Apart from 50 exercises, the site also offers an amazing view of the Kleinarltal. The highlights of the course are the purple and the black course: High up, you will enjoy the view of the 80 meter abyss – head of heights recommended.

Flying Fox Kleinarl:
Zip-lining course through the Kesselfall gorge!
Soar through the air of Kesselfall gorge in Kleinarl at full throttle:
On five exciting zip-lines and a rope bridge crossing two waterfalls, you will experience unforgettable moments and impressions on the zip-lining course Kleinarl. The ascent to the starting point of the Flying Fox is possible over a via ferrata of your choice (A: easy, A/B: easy-intermediate or B/C: intermediate/difficult)

Info and registration at, Tel +43 664 8846 8298


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