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bergfex: Bergschule Andreas Helmer - Kitzbüheler Alpen St. Johann in Tirol - Sneskovandring - Skiture i dybsne - Alpinskole - Bjergguide - Vandreguide - Freeride-Center/Freeride-Schule

Bergschule Andreas Helmer

St Johann in Tirol

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Mountain Guiding Company

Andreas Helmer is an Austrian Mountain Guide based in the Austrian Alps (Tyrol). He and his wife Sally work together managing their own Mountain Guiding Company which offers a full range of mountain sports from hiking, glacier tours, rock climbing, ice climbing, snow shoe walking, skiing and snowboarding.

Training Programs

We specialise in practical training programs in the following areas: Glaciers, Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Off Piste Skiing & Snowboarding, Ski Touring, Avalanche Awareness, Navigation, Tour Planning & GPS.

Programs are available at all levels from beginners to expert and are particularly useful for those who have experience but are not quite confident enough to go without a Mountain Guide.

Guided Tours

As well as practical training, our program includes classic tours as well as the opportunity to explore new terrain. Some tours are aimed at hikers and snow shoe walkers whereas others are designed for expert skiers and expedition mountaineers.

Custom Tours

We can also design a customised itinerary to suit individual or group needs – flexibility is one of our strengths. We provide a personal service from planning to completion

Making the Most of the Mountains

We focus on safe, enjoyable and challenging tours providing a personal service from planning to completion. We want to help you make the most of the mountains!

Sally and Andi

Sally Thornton, originally from Calderdale, West Yorkshire met Andi Helmer whilst working as a rep for the ski season in Austria after University. Andi was working as a Ski and Snowboard Instructor and after successful mountaineering expeditions to Peru and Nepal he had his sights set on becoming a qualified Mountain Guide.

International Mountain Guide

The internationally recognised qualification (IAFMG) takes two years to complete and involves courses in disciplines such as rock climbing, avalanche awareness, ice climbing, ski touring, high altitude glacier tours plus safety and rescue techniques. Each course finishes with an exam which must be passed in order to progress to the next stage. Sally often played the role of guinea pig as Andi practiced newly learned techniques - for example being rescued from a vertical rock face!

Mountain Guiding Company

After five and a half years of hiking, skiing, mountaineering, climbing and travelling together, Sally and Andi married in July 2007. Based in the Austrian Alps (Tyrol) they now work together managing their own Mountain Guiding Company which offers a full range of mountain sports from hiking, glacier tours, rock & ice climbing, snow shoe walking, skiing and snowboarding.
Sally is a qualified Walking Guide leading Alpine hikes in the summer and snow shoe walks during the winter, as well as working as a Skiing Instructor.


Our prices change with the typ of tour, the area and the size of the group.

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