Kanton Jura

370 - 1.302m
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Kanton Jura
370 - 1.302m

Saignelégier et les Franches-Montagnes
Approximately 30 minutes from La Chaux-de-Fonds or Bienne, the High-Plateau of the Franches-Montagnes offers itself to the traveller. At an altitude of 1000 meters, this region of wide open spaces is the meeting place between man and horse. It is also a paradise for outdoor activities on foot, bicycle, water, cross country skiing and snow-shoes. An ice-skating rink, swimming pool, horse riding school and indoor-tennis complement leisure time whatever the weather.

Delémont et le pays vadais
Situated about 40 minutes from Basel and Bienne, Delémont, the capital of the canton of Jura, and the surrounding region boast of having the warmest summer in the Jura. From the meadows to the foothills, winding mountain streams sculpt magnificent gorges in the countryside. Unique features in the region as well as museums and galleries enhance this ancient and charming town.

Porrentruy et les plaines d'Ajoie
Porrentruy, second largest town in the canton of Jura is and remains the historical capital of the canton. About 40 minutes from Belfort and Mulhouse, the region of Ajoie covers approximately 300 square kilometres and rests on the low limestone plateau of the Jura. The vast green plains of Ajoie, commonly named the orchard of the Jura, offer damson trees, vineyards, caves as well as prehistoric park, an aerodrome, wagons tours and magical ponds.

Saint-Ursanne et le Clos du Doubs
In the heart of the Jura, 50 minutes from Basel, the nature reserve of the Clos du Doubs reveals itself between the mountains and the river.The Doubs River, a tributary of the Saône, bathes the ancient medieval town of Saint-Ursanne. It is the point of reference of a prestigious history with secular witness such as the Collégiale- and the cloister dating back to the XII century. Many summer activities such as canoe and kayak excursions, hiking, bike rides and fishing are avaible to travellers eager to learn about art, culture, water and outdoor sports.

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