Götzendorf an der Leitha

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The market community of Götzendorf an der Leitha consists of the cadastral communities of Pischelsdorf and Götzendorf/Lth.

Both villages are located on the northern bank of the Leitha River in the south-western corner of the administrative district of Bruck/Lth. in Lower Austria. The neighbouring villages along the Leitha are Trautmannsdorf/Lth. and Wasenbruck. The municipal area forms almost a square shape of about 25 km² and reaches from the Leitha to the Fischa.

The area is still crossed by the Reisenbach and Fürbach streams. The landscape structure has changed over time from a forest-rich culture to one dominated by fields. The Reinspiegelberg in Pischelsdorf is the highest point on the flat terrain at an altitude of 171 m above sea level and is 191 m high.

More than 2000 inhabitants live in the community at any one time.

Götzendorf and Pischelsdorf were already known around 1920 as a rural recreation area where "Viennese holidaymakers" spent their holidays as summer guests, mostly with their children. At that time, the accommodation was offered by the working farmers at favourable conditions. In addition to the quiet location in the village, the summer guests could go for a walk in the Leithaauen meadows or bathe in the healing, calamus-covered Reisenbach stream, or help out with the harvest as compensation and thus enjoy real country air.

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Kontakt Götzendorf an der Leitha

Marktgemeinde Götzendorf/Leitha
Hauptplatz 1, A-2434 Götzendorf an der Leitha

+43 2169 2274 12

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