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Videos Snowpark Snowpark St. Johann in Tirol - Video Funpark Snowpark St. Johann in Tirol

QParks Parkorama: The QParks Playgrounds in detail - Winter 13/14!
4 years ago
eingetragen: 31.10.2013 - 729 Aufrufe

How do snowparks actually work? What people deal with the massive amount of work and what is required to fulfill all the tasks? A brief inquire at the QParks headquarters has turned out some impressive facts; consisting out of 298 sinewy helping hands, the QParks armada moves 961.000 cubic meter of snow through 29 QParks season after season. One park staff member has to work with 6448 cubic meter during one winter. The park crew spends 63.808 hours to shape all parks every year. Depending on the position and their working place, each person has to work 500 hours.The fleet of bullies and snow cats is always joining in with a helping hand. 24 skilled operators are using the massive machines 16695 hours during the season. But as the videos shows, the results are likewise impressive!! Share it and spread it, since that's what we do for your rides!<br /> <br > WIN A PAIR OF POW SHAPER'S GLOVES: http:/on.fb.me/1cqRFyn<br /> <br > all infos on http:/www.qparks.com<br > join http:/www.facebook.com<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> more

Snowpark St Johann: Funslope 2012
5 years ago
eingetragen: 16.11.2012 - 1.350 Aufrufe

The project Funslope adresses all who want to make their first experiences with freestyle. Its a cool snake run full of curves, bumps, small jumps, boxed and a lot more! Time to have some fun!

Snowpark St Johann in Tirol - 3D Snowpark Fly-Over
6 years ago
eingetragen: 12.03.2012 - 991 Aufrufe

Check out this fly over the new Snowpark in St. Johann in Tirol which offers a lot of beginner to medium elements! This is a perfect place for your first freestyle experience. Check it out!

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