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Weekly Coaching Sessions at AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden - Learn new tricks and play!

09-01-2019, 15:26

The AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden is almost set and ready. And Sendy Santa got a present for you: this season we have a new weekly highlight waiting for today’s and tomorrow’s freestylers. The weekly coaching sessions offer everyone an excellent opportunity to work on their progression or to catch a first glimpse of the freestyle universe. On Thursdays from 1pm – 3pm (starting on Dec 27), professional coaches come up to Giggijoch and give you valuable hints and insights into freestyle.

Freeskiers and snowboarders, all levels are welcome! Do you consider riding park? You are done with the jerry life? You wanna be one of the cool kids? The freestyle coaches provide you with a first tool box on your way to becoming a park rat. What’s important during the inrun? How do I ride a...

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Everyday we're shoveling - AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden prepares for the days after the storm

09-01-2019, 15:16

Everyday we're shoveling AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden prepares for the days after the storm 07.01.2019 Incredible what’s happening out there, right? And there’s even more snow in the forecast. The Alps experience a historic amount of snow within the first days of the new year. The dream of freeriders is almost a nightmare for freestylers. The park had to be closed as nature once more shows its beautiful power. Find out how we proceed!

The weather forecast predicts more days full of heavy snowfall. This means the park crew is busy just with freeing the obstacles from the powder while keeping the area nice and even. On the other hand, all the freshly fallen building material can be used for pushing together big knuckles. Once...

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#TheWedge 2016 – Traditional Pro-Gathering in Sölden

20-10-2016, 13:29

„Holy s***, how huge is that jump?“, “Alright, that thing is definitely big!”, “What an INSANE take-off!”, “Way bigger than it seemed on the pics … scary!”. These were the first comments of first-class snowboarders like Boris Mouton, Rowan Coultas, Jose Aragon, Werni Stock or Roope Tonteri. Likewise, renowned freeskiers like Tom Granier, Tyler Harding, Javi Vega, Katie Summerhayes, Tobi Müller or Ole Pavel had the same sketchy feeling when they first saw Sölden’s humongous 2016 special obstacle in real life. However, after their first runs the freestyle-pros’ opinions had totally changed…

“Rowan Coultas was the craziest! He was the first to hit the jump when we were all very scared”, said Katie Summerhayes, whereas she has every right to be satisfied with her own performance as well: “I did a good 7 japan that I was really happy with”, she comments. Werni Stock, known for his...

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Söldens THE X – Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen des Medien-Highlights von 2015

02-11-2015, 15:06

Ein 25 Meter Kicker mit zwei monströsen Hip-Jumps, aufgetürmt vor einer gigantischen Alpenkulisse. Das sind die beeindruckenden Features des Special Obstacles in Sölden 2015. Projektleiter und Initiator Sven Toller hat in diesem Jahr, zusammen mit Area 47 Parkdesigner Stefan Morocutti, den Berg mit einem X gebrandet – THE X. Nachdem der im Frühling veröffentlichte Teaser bereits für offene Münder sorgte, gibt es jetzt bis dato unveröffentlichte Action und Details zur Entstehung in voller Länge!

Erst die Arbeit, dann das Vergnügen „Die Idee mit den beiden sich kreuzenden Hips hatte ich schon vor einigen Jahren, doch nie die Möglichkeiten, das Ganze so umzusetzen, wie ich es mir vorgestellt habe“, meint Sven Toller. Sein Plan im Detail: ein Kicker und zwei Hip Jumps sollen X-förmig...

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