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SKYLINE SNOWPARK Schilthorn - New season, exciting mission!
This winter you will find the action guarantor at a new location!

For many years, the SKYLINE SNOWPARK Schilthorn in the Bernese Alps has captivated with its breathtaking scenery around the Alpine Giants Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. In the new season 2021/22, riders from far and near can expect great news: The action guarantor has a new location & a Spring Sessions Special!

The SKYLINE SNOWPARK Schilthorn heads into its eighth season and has a lot of new things up its sleeve! It has been a shred hotspot for years and has attracted enthusiastic rail acrobats and airtime lovers to the ski resort around the Piz Gloria. This year, the SKYLINE SNOWPARK Schilthorn wants to trump with not only Sessions with a View & a spectacular setup, but also with an especially long season and some extra features.

Shredalicious Setup
The SKYLINE SNOWPARK Schilthorn moves from its old location on the Obere Hubel down to the slopes Maulerhubel/Winteregg. "This year, a new park area is also being built! After the main season at Maulerhubel/Winteregg, the snow park in Engital will be set up as Spring Shred," reveals technician Jonas Ernst. Due to the new location of the open-air playground in spring, the setup has also changed with exciting obstacles. The three parts Easy, Medium and Advanced provide plenty of action and good vibes. Among the 60 obstacles, there will be a longer run with a playful terrain and a shorter run with fresh jumps in both areas.

Bonus – Season opening ahead
Thanks to the good snow conditions, the construction of a first smaller setup will already take place next weekend - 12th -14th November. Attention: Setup with 7 features at the location Engital. After that, the park will move to the main area Maulerhubel/Winteregg before they move up again for the spring sessions. This means that the shred sessions can be enjoyed for an especially long time this year! Whether this scenario will actually take place is, as always, up to Momma Nature.

Shape Crew in Action – The Allstars are back
Park designer Jiri Skalicky starts the new season with a highly motivated crew and wants only one thing - to thrill for longer. Together with his shape crew, he is polishing up fat obstacles and fine lines: "This season will probably be longer than normal. The fact that we change the location of the snowpark in spring, even more shred sessions can be accommodated during the season." A new team member: groomer Pavel Stratil – a luminary among the domestiques of the snowcats – will also actively support Jiri.

Covid-19 – ¬ No Time to Cry
In order to have the "licence to ride" the facilities, you have to stick to the respective safety concepts. True to the motto safe and stoked into the season, the skiing area and the snowpark got the go-ahead according to cantonal regulations. The Shape Crew in Mürren is always concerned to comply with the necessary safety concepts regarding Covid-19 in order to ensure a safe and long season. More detailed info on the measures can be found on the Website of the ski resort Schilthorn.

The SKYLINE SNOWPARK Schilthorn waits in the wings and is just hoping for a generous helping of snow for the mission 2021/22. Current updates and information for the riders can be found on the Facebook Page and the Instagram Account of the SKYLINE SNOWPARK Schilthorn.

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Åbne elevatorer

Skyline Snowpark

1750 m
Butter Box Flat 3m - Easy Line (Box)
Corner Jump 4m - Wintergg 1 (Kicker)
Down Box 6m - Easy Line (Box)
Down Rail 5m - Winteregg 2 (Rail)
Down Rail 8m - Maulerhubel Jump Line (Rail)
Down/Flat/Down Rail 13m - Maulerhubel Jump Line (Rail)
Flat Box 6m - Easy Line (Box)
Flat Box 8m - Winteregg 2 (Box)
Flat Mailbox 6m - Winteregg 2 (Box)
Flat Rail 6m - Wintergg 2 (Rail)
Flat Shotgun Rail 5m - Winteregg 1 (Rail)
Flat Tank 5m - Winteregg 1 (Specials)
Flat Tube 5m - Winteregg 2 (Pipeslide)
Flat Tube 5m - Wintergg 4 (Pipeslide)
Funbox 2m - Forest Line (Specials)
Funbox 2m - Winteregg 4 (Specials)
Funbox 4m - Wintergg 2 (Kicker)
Funbox 5m - Winteregg 1 (Kicker)
Funbox with Rainbow Rail 6m - Winteregg 2 (Rail)
Gap to Rail 4m - Winteregg 2 (Rail)
Hover Tube Flat 6m - Winteregg 3 (Pipeslide)
Industry Flat 8m - Winteregg 3 (Rail)
Kicker 10m - Maulerhubel Jump Line (Kicker)
Kicker 10m - Maulerhubel Jump Line (Kicker)
Kicker 3m - Easy Line (Kicker)
Kicker 3m - Forest Line (Kicker)
Kicker 3m - Winteregg 1 (Kicker)
Kicker 4m - Easy Line (Kicker)
Kicker 4m - Forest Line (Kicker)
Kicker 7m - Maulerhubel Jump Line (Kicker)
Kicker 9m - Maulerhubel Jump Line (Kicker)
Kicker Jump 14m - Maulerhubel Jump Line (Kicker)
Lollipop - Winteregg 2 (Specials)
London Gap (Jersey Barrier) 3m - Winteregg 1 (Specials)
London Gap (Jersey Barrier) 3m - Winteregg 2 (Specials)
London Gap (Jersey Barrier) 3m - Winteregg 3 (Specials)
Quarter 3m - Winteregg 1 (Specials)
Rainbow Box 6m - Winteregg 4 (Box)
S Rail 8m - Winteregg 3 (Rail)
Stepup Jump with Pole Jam 5m - Winteregg 1 (Specials)
Up Box 4m - Easy Line (Box)
Up/Down Industry Rail 6m - Winteregg 3 (Rail)
Wallride 3m - Winteregg 3 (Specials)
Wallride Rail 7m - Forest Line (Specials)
Wave - Winteregg 1 (Specials)
Wave - Winteregg 1 (Specials)
Wave-Jump - Wintergg 1 (Kicker)

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Parkens størrelse
I alt
Park Designer
Jiri Skalicky
Evaluering 5,0
5 Anmeldelser
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