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Skiområde Galtür / Paznaun-Ischgl: Skiferie Galtür / Paznaun-Ischgl - Skisport Galtür / Paznaun-Ischgl - Skisport

Skiområde Galtür / Paznaun-Ischgl

Galtür / Paznaun-Ischgl

1.600 - 2.300m

Pisteplan Skiområde Galtür /  Paznaun-Ischgl


i dag, 08:14 90 cm 20 cm 9 fra 10
  Bjerg Dal Åbne lifte
ERLEBE DEN BERG mit unserem Wochenprogramm. Heute Intersport Wolfart Skitest und Erwachsenenskirennen. Rauch Familienskirennen von 14:00 - 15:00 Uhr. Von 13:30 - 15:00 Uhr Speedrun mit gratis Foto und von 19:30 - 22:30 Uhr Nachtskilauf im SILVAPARK. Mehr Infos unter www.silvapark.at

Fornyelser Galtür / Paznaun-Ischgl


Skiområde Galtür / Paznaun-Ischgl

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1 ski area | 6 sectors

The ski area Galtür named Silvapark, unique up to now, subdivides the ski area into six areas featuring different themes, levels of difficulty and experiences.

Gaining experience and learning step by step – with special emphasis on children

Whoever is fit enough for a higher level will take a crack at the next sector. Here one has thought of children and adolescents in particular, because three of the six sectors are reserved for them: while the “Zwergerlwelt” (Kids World) is reserved for the littlest ones, the somewhat bigger ones will get their money’s worth in the “Abenteuerland” (Adventure World), featuring an enchanted forest with witch house, mogul runs and steep curves. The “Actionpark” is meant for adolescents – though the exception proves the rule, as everyone knows, and so one or the other young-at-heart will likely test his or her skills with jumps and on rails. The adventure ski arena is rounded off with the “Heldenreich” (A place for heroes) for off-piste adventures and freeriding as well as the “Pistenparadies” with 40 km of ski runs. Sector 06 offers cross-country skiing with 74 kilometres of trails, snowshoeing and winter hiking trails on the programme. The individual sectors are clearly shown on the map of the ski area and are of course outfitted with sign posts in the ski area. After all, everyone should know what to expect.

Galtür offers its visitors over 40 perfectly groomed kilometres of slopes, a breathtaking backdrop, a unique skiing experience, intensive winter sporting pleasure and countless unforgettable holiday memories.

Galtür also offers families an unparalleled winter experience: the resort is family-friendly, offering family ski passes, children’s reductions, its own kid’s ski area (“Siggi Land”) and children’s access routes.
However, cross-country skiers certainly get their money’s worth too: Galtür offers 74 km of cross-country ski routes, winter hiking trails and plenty of great mountain air – sheer relaxation, in short! The resort also offers an extensive tour programme: unspoilt runs, deep steep escarpments and attractive peak ascents make the Silvretta an unforgettable paradise for tour fans.

-slopes from 1,600 m – 2,300 m – snow guaranteed!
-40 km of runs, 20 km of deep powder alternatives
-marked ski routes
-2.2 km illuminated night skiing slopes
-74 km cross-country routes + winter hiking trails
-free use of all ski buses
-luxury indoor swimming pool
-tennis, squash, bowling
-ice-skating, curling
-sleigh rides
-indoor climbing wall, etc.

Kontakt Skiområde Galtür / Paznaun-Ischgl

Skiområde Galtür /  Paznaun-Ischgl

Nr. 39, A-6563 Galtür

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